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The 9 Reason Why You Don

So you want to build your social media presence and grow your business using Facebook, but it is becoming extremely frustrating, stressful and overwhelming? Your posts don’t “reach” many people, you don’t get any comments, shares or reactions and your page likes are just not growing. You are spending a lot of time and energy […]
8 Ways to Recharge Your Soul

8 Ways to Recharge Your Soul

8 Ways to Recharge Your Soul – And Return to Balance No matter how strong you are, you cannot constantly push yourself and not end up getting drained and eventually overwhelmed. We all need to recharge our soul and refocus so that we can re-energize ourselves, re-align with our purpose and enjoy our life more. […]

Your Dreams – Others Opinions

This rough sketch of mine is to simply show what happens when we decide to Pursue Our Dreams. We get inundated with external feedback and input from our environment. Family, friends and loved ones can often be the most vocal with negative opinions and energy. Guard yourself against this negative input and your own negative […]