8 Ways to Recharge Your Soul

October 5, 2015 Kenneth

8 Ways to Recharge Your Soul – And Return to Balance

No matter how strong you are, you cannot constantly push yourself and not end up getting drained and eventually overwhelmed. We all need to recharge our soul and refocus so that we can re-energize ourselves, re-align with our purpose and enjoy our life more.8 Ways to Recharge Your Soul

I’ve put together 8 quick-fire ways to recharge your soul and help you unwind your mind and let your soul come out singing again.

  1. Turn off your phone – ever noticed how many times you check your phone during the course of the day?  Is it really necessary?  No it is not, unless you’re waiting for a message about a sick relative or your wife is about to give birth.  Constantly checking your phone means you are not present and keeps you distracted.  It is a habit and I assure you the world will still rotate if you don’t check your phone for a day – that doesn’t mean you go pick up your iPad either 🙂
  2. Change Your routine – We all need a little change, a little shake up to our routine.  Today is a good chance to start off different.  Start off your day differently – drive a different route, go to a different coffee shop.  Do something different that will make you feel alive and get you doing what you love.  Change it up.
  3. ME time –   We all love our kids and our family’s right, but sometimes we just need to be completely selfish with our time and focus on one person and one person only…Ourselves.  So give yourself a little ME time each week and a few minutes each day.
  4. Challenge yourself – we need to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow and evolve.  How will you challenge yourself today and evolve?  Test yourself.  Even if you “fail” at least you had the courage to try something new and push yourself.  That is what living is.
  5. Focus on your passion – spend a little time on focusing on your passion.  Many people go to work and do jobs and things that aren’t their passion and they do not love.  We spend all our energy, focus and time on those jobs and very little time on what we truly love – which means we end up feeling empty, drained and disappointed over time.  Change that by spending time on your passion today.
  6. Don’t worry & think about Monday or tomorrow – ever find yourself worrying about Monday when you’re having a great weekend?  Dreading going back to work and thinking about your trip or all the work you have to do or the upcoming meeting with your boss?  That is stealing your joy from the present moment.  Don’t worry about Monday or the next day.  Place all your mental focus on today and what you are doing right now.  Enjoy the moment.
  7. Family time – now that we have had some ME time, it is also great to spend time with the family before it is too late and the kids are all grown up and left the house or you get too old to do things with your partner that you always wanted to do.  Make time for the family, it will nourish your soul and their souls!
  8. Gratitude –  spend time in gratitude and focus on all the things you are grateful for, big and small.  Being in a state of gratitude, will raise your vibration as you take your mind off of your problems and onto every thing that you’re thankful for.

So there you have 8 quick ways to recharge and re-ignite your soul.  Try them as often as you can, so you feel good and you get yourself re-aligned with your true self and your life’s purpose.






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