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You are NOT Worthy…

You are NOT worthy… This is essentially what we are telling ourselves all the time when we… …criticize ourselves …judge others …work in a job that we cannot stand …eat foods that are not healthy …don’t set aside enough time for ourselves …not controlling our spending and getting more and more into debt …stay in […]

90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy

Interested in the 90 Days To Manifesting Abundance Academy? If this is something that sounds interesting to you simple type “YES” in the comments below and I will send you more info… Who is this for? ✅If you feel stuck, ✅If your health is not where you want it to be, ✅If your finances are […]

The 9 Reason Why You Don

So you want to build your social media presence and grow your business using Facebook, but it is becoming extremely frustrating, stressful and overwhelming? Your posts don’t “reach” many people, you don’t get any comments, shares or reactions and your page likes are just not growing. You are spending a lot of time and energy […]


ABOUT TODAY’S SHOW:  Having negative people, events and situations is not healthy for you in your life.  Today I speak about why and how you can release those from your life, so you can live to your maximum potential. Peace and Love Kenneth * * * Hey Guys and Gals, thanks so much for listening […]

even cowboys cry

Why is it that it is so difficult to be vulnerable? Why do we hold back and hide our own vulnerability? These questions apply to everyone, but especially us males. Vulnerability is in most cases seen as a weakness. Seen as us being not worthy enough, not good enough, not strong enough, not man enough. […]

I Feel Like I Am Falling Apart

It was just four short years ago that I was lying in bed feeling like I just wanted to give up and stop the suffering. I kept thinking my entire life is falling apart in front of my life. You see at the time I had been fighting Lyme Disease for four years and it […]


I made this quick Facebook Live video to speak about How Others Try Steal Our Joy and how we can be prepared for that situation. Our goal is to try and become immune to others opinions, words and actions… Enjoy Kenneth

Episode #56 Living From a Fear Based Model

ABOUT TODAY’S SHOW: Today I talk about how we can all sometimes live from a Fear based model that causes us a lot of suffering and pain.  There is an alternative to this approach and it is a more peace, loving and joyful option. Peace and Love Kenneth   * * * Hey Guys and […]