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December 8, 2017
December 8, 2017 Kenneth

Why Setting Goals Is Important

Setting Goals Summary

  • Your VISION is your WHAT,
  • Your PURPOSE is your WHY and,
  • Your GOALS are your HOW
  • Goal give you direction and bring you back on course when you’re distracted or pulled off course,
  • Goals bring focus to your thoughts and actions,
  • Common mistakes:
    • People don’t set goals that specific
    • People don’t set goals that are big enough and that are going to kick them into massive action,
    • Their goals are not aligned with their life purpose…becomes a chore,
    • People set goals that aren’t measurable — make sure you can measure your progress ,
    • They do not keep their goals front and center — write them out and carry the everywhere.  Write them out every morning and before you go to sleep and think about them continuously.

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