You Have the Power

May 30, 2014
Posted in Motivation
May 30, 2014 Kenneth

This was one of the things that took me the longest to recognize.  That the solution to my “problems” or “issues” lay within me and not externally.

No amount of money I spent on doctors, therapists, psychics, DVD’s, Books, CD, courses, alternative healers, shamans or whatever else I spent my money on during my challenges. None of those would be the magic pill.

I was searching for the magic pill, when all along the magic pill lay within me.

The treasure is within.  You are the change.  It is you that has the power to change.

All those other people and things are there to assist you along your path to growth, but the magic happens when you realize your own magnificence.  You hold all the power and nothing external has power over you.

Explore it. Discover it. Realize it.

It is YOU!




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