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December 20, 2015
December 20, 2015 Kenneth

I often get asked why having a Personal Growth Mindset or joining any self improvement programs is recommended and even considered a necessity. Well, it’s simply because personal growth is essential. Why? Because it leads us to a path of more understanding, more happiness, health, and fulfilment.

As human beings, we are more than capable of accepting and conquering new and different challenges in life. If that’s the case, why do many of us end up getting so frustrated due to their inability to achieve our dreams? It’s mainly because we don’t like discomfort, we want things to just flow right?  I mean no-one likes to be in a state of discomfort and suffer, but they fact is we are all going to be in that position many times during our lifetime.

Having a Personal Growth Mindset allows us to look at problems and challenges as part of life’s process and as an opportunity to grow, rather than just sitting there and cursing our luck and feeling sorry for our ourselves.

It completely shifts our focus, our approach and the way we feel.  It becomes a more postive experience.

So, what does it take to develop a personal growth mindset?

  1. Quit justifying everything you do. There’s no need for you to justify the things you’re doing. When you start a new hobby or behavior, for instance, you will be asked by your friends and family why you’ve decided to do such thing. In that case, remember that it’s not your obligation to explain yourself.
  2. Build relationships with new people. Reach out to and interact with people you may not have spent time with in the past. Approach these people with an open mind and look forward to valuable conversations with them. Allow your personal views to be challenged so that you can also learn new things in the process.  Start expanding your belief systems.
  3. Don’t stop yourself from dreaming. Every achievement or new adventure starts with a dream. You have to use the power of optimism in building a dream, and believe that you can turn your dream into reality. Never to put any limitations on your dreams because when you do so, it would be the same as killing your dream right away.
  4. Don’t expect yourself to do your best every time. In anything that you do, you have to believe that there will always be room for improvement. You will never run out of opportunities to be better and learn from experience. You should also learn to treat other people’s judgements as irrelevant to your life. Just do the best you can in everything and hope to become better next time.  Ignore the harsh inner voice too as that can be your biggest critic.
  5. Stop worrying about the result and enjoy the experience. There are things you may have avoided in the past because you don’t think you would be good at them. But does it really matter if you’re not good at it? You don’t have to be good at something for you to enjoy it. You have to understand that experience is more important than the result.
  6. Acceptance. Accept the situation that you are in right now.  Don’t fight it.  rather use your energy to focus on creating something new that you do want, rather than fighting the current situation.

When you have a personal growth mindset, you will be able to take on new challenges and acknowledge the many opportunities around you. For example when you are busy with work and career goal setting allow yourself to evolve and grow and approach everything with this new personal growth mindset.

That will relieve so much of the stress, anxiety and worry about promotions, pay raises, trying to compete and other self destructive patterns.  Look at it as part of your journey into growth!





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  1. April Rodriguez

    Hi! It’s amazing how I found your podcast at the perfect time. I am ready to grow and I am ready to not see myself as a victim.
    Life has really tested me in many different ways. And I am ready to put my best foot forward.

    Thank you deeply for the help.

    Ps. I can’t figure out how to rate the podcast 😅

    • Kenneth

      Hi April,

      Thank you so much for your comments. Much appreciated.


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