Life Coach Tips for Breaking Bad Habits

December 3, 2015
December 3, 2015 Kenneth

One of the most interesting questions I often here is this, “Can you control your Sub-conscious Mind?” This question usually comes from people who are really focusedabout breaking bad habits, but aren’t sure if they can actually do it.

Bad habits are one of the things that prevent you from accomplishing your goals in life. Bad habits do not only interrupt your life, but also jeopardize your health, your mental, your emotions and your spiritual balance. The truth is, we all need to work on our sub-concious mind, which is our habitual mind and holds our paradigms / beliefs.

Before I give you tips on how you could be successful in breaking bad habits, let me remind you first that your goal must not be to eliminate your bad habits. What you want is to replace those limiting habits with new good and positive ones.

So, here are some of the things you can do to let go of the bad habits you have right now:

Find a substitute for your bad habit. Bad habits can be formed out of stress and boredom. Thus, you need to have a plan in terms of how you are going to deal with that boredom or stress, which actually prompt your bad habit. For instance, you may get the urge to smoke a cigarette or have grab an extra piece of cake (yes I know it is not easy :-)….), you should do some breathing exercises. Doing that keeps the focus of your mind on something different and positive and helps you to NOT have to fight your bad habit.  Remember where focus goes, energy flows The point is that whatever it is you’re dealing with, there has to be a specific plan for what you’re going to do instead of going back to your bad habit.

Avoid the triggers to your bad habit. If you tend to smoke when you drink, then don’t drink at all! If you end up eating a lot of cookies when you’re in the kitchen, then keep them all somewhere you can’t easily see them or even better, give them away!. If you want to change your bad habit, it’s important that you also avoid the things that cause you to do them. By avoiding the triggers to your bad habits, you are also making it easier for on yourself to change for the better.

Surround yourself with people who have good habits. You don’t have to ditch your friends who share the same bad habits with you, but it’s important that you find new ones that will have a good influence on you. If you want to start living healthier by working out regularly, then make friends with those who love staying fit. What’s important is that you find someone or a group of  people who will make the good habits interesting for you.

Being self-aware is important…

If you want to succeed in breaking bad habits, I’d say that you have to be self-aware first. Think about your bad habits that you want to change, and analyze how they started, how they are affecting your life, and what your life will become without them. This could be an overwhelming process, so get yourself a support system and life coach to help you along the way.  Remember, awareness is the first step in healing!

As a note I will add that I am travelling so if you’re looking at  working with a life coach Los Angeles I am there to help and assist..

Have an AMAZING day.

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