How to Overcome Fear in 7 Simple Steps

December 22, 2015
December 22, 2015 Kenneth

Knowing how to overcome fear is a skill that ALL of us can learn…and yes that includes you! Fear is what many of us want to get rid of, and yet, many of us still cling to our fears because we feel it’s part of who we are. If you don’t want your fears to prevent you from living a full life, then it’s a must that you face them. Otherwise, they will never stubbornly remain and literally rule your life.

We all have them and they manifest in different forms, so never beat yourself up or feel bad that you have fears, as they are part of personal growth and our development.

Fears can be obvious and not very obvious at all in our lives, as they manifest both consciously and sub-consciously.  What I mean by that is that some of your actions are obviously controlled by fear, like not wanting to climb a ladder because of fear of heights and some are happening below the conscious surface like, not applying for a job or taking the plunge in a new relationship out of fear that we’re not good enough or fear of rejection.

In any case we need to confront these, in order to remove them…

What You Should Do to Overcome Fear

  1. Be aware of your own fears. Before you successfully overcome your fears, you need to know what they are and what they’re doing in your life. Often, we just know that we are afraid of something, but we don’t know for sure what it is. By beginning to notice your actions in different situation you will begin to identify patterns and what’s making you hesitate to do the things you like, and what’s stopping you from maximizing your true potential.
  2. Face Your Fears. The most powerful remedy against fear is facing them and facing them slowly 1 step at a time.  Take on your small fears first to build momentum and confidence and work your way up to your bigger fears.  The best way to dissolve your fears is to go right through them.
  3. Understand your fear. Nothing helps more than knowledge and understanding.  You see what we actually end up fearing, is not the event so much but our fearful response to event.  We are actually fearing the fear.  By understanding what is physically happening to our body we can bring a sense of control back through our understanding.  It is the lack of understanding that really feeds the fear.
  4. Transform your fear into the feeling of gratitude. Every time you feel afraid, consciously feel grateful about what you have instead. If you’re too scared of speaking in public, just think of it as a great opportunity to relay an important message to other people, and feel grateful about such an opportunity.
  5. It’s all about perspective. Being able to deal with your fears is about how well you put your negative thoughts in perspective. When you keep thinking about the negative things in your life instead of looking for opportunities and options, you’re actually being the one who’s putting negativity in your life and adding to your fears and anxiety.
  6. Understand that failure is part of life. Many of us are too afraid of shame and failure. To overcome this fear, you need to accept the fact that success won’t exist when there’s no failure. You need to go through bad times for you to truly appreciate the good times. Having this kind of acceptance, you allow yourself to be free from many of your fears.
  7. Get a life coach. The best thing about having a life coach is that you don’t have to be alone in figuring out how to overcome fear. Life coaches like Me will help you identify your fears and where they’re coming from, which are vital steps for overcoming those fears.




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  1. Noemy

    Like a life warriors we can also feel that we are winning the battle and overcoming our triggers, challenges and difficulties. If we are open to change with expectation and joy of a child, we can take it at a challenging game of inner growth. Facing our fears, we can experience what is behind them and then what there is there as a present for us. At least we will always find a little more freedom.

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