How Pain Can Be Your Saving Grace

December 12, 2017
December 12, 2017 Kenneth

How Pain Can Be Your Saving Grace?

Have you ever wondered why you go through pain?

Why you go through suffering?

You go through life, you try to be a good person, you try to do things the right way, you have big goals, you have big dreams. You dream about having loving, wonderful relationships. Fulfilling relationships.

You dream about perhaps raising a family or having a dream job, or living in a certain place. You dream about having that special house and being acknowledged for the work that you do. Being remembered and really leaving a lasting impact and legacy on this earth…but then something goes wrong…

The world seems to come crashing down on you.

You lose your job, your finances go pear shaped, the stock market goes upside down and you lose a whole load of money.  The housing market goes down, you lose all the value in your home. That dream home that you worked your whole life to get has to handed over to the courts and you get kicked out of your house.  You have a health issue, your child experiences a health challenge.

Your marriage and relationships fall apart, something goes wrong which causes you an extreme amount of pain…

Why does that have to happen and why does it have to happen to me you may ask?

How can I get out of this? You might find yourself praying for help, begging for help…“please just get me out of the situation…help me”.  It might be very dark situation for you and you might be in a place where you just don’t want to survive anymore. You don’t want to live…You lose your appetite for life. You plead for help, you beg for help.

You’re looking for a solution and it doesn’t come out the way that you want. 

You’re looking around and thinking what did I do wrong?

What can I do to change the situation?

What can I do to  make myself deserving of getting what I want? Getting back to normal? Just having some normalcy in my life…

Why do I have to suffer? Why do I have to have this pain and experience this pain? Why this hardship?

This doesn’t make sense to me…I can understand and relate to that, because for five years of suffering with lyme disease, I didn’t want to live at certain times. I really didn’t have an appetite for life. I just want to escape and I wanted to end the suffering. I just wanted it all to go away and that led me on a journey…searching…searching…searching…searching…for help.

I was looking for help from the outside, seeing specialists, doctors, therapists, psychic healers, reflexologists, past life regression experts, hypnotherapists, psychologists, chiropractors, neurologists and everything that you can imagine…

I was looking for a solution and it didn’t come…then slowly slowly I had to look inwardly. I had to look within myself for a solution and it was a slow process. It wasn’t fun and it took a lot of time and a lot of frustration, a lot of anger, jealousy, a lot of resentment.

But overtime that became the biggest blessing in my life. My biggest source pain ended up being my saving grace, that gave me purpose in life, gave me direction, gave me desire, gave me clarity, it gave me focus.

Without that I would never have been the person I am today. I would never of had the companies that I have today. I would never do the work that I do today and when I look back now I don’t want to go back to that place…you know it’s a very painful place but in a weird way I’m thankful…

I see that as a blessing, I see that is a blessing because it helped shape me. It helped mold me. It made no sense at the time, it made absolutely no sense for me to suffer, for my family to suffer… witnessing me suffer…my wife, my young children, my mom, my brothers and sisters and my friends having to watch this unfold didn’t make sense to me.

But from that a lot of positive change happened…a lot of positive change happened and to be honest it took me about 3 1/2 years three years to start figuring that out. To start seeing the whole picture and to start understanding and to start appreciating.

I focused on improving my connection to spirit and understanding the universe and understand the importance of being in a place of a certain vibration.  Of understanding the impact that I can have and to improve my self confidence. To believe and understand that we are all here on a journey, a journey in growth journey to become a better version of ourselves, to become a greater human being.

To create a lasting legacy, to find our purpose in life, to pursue that with passion, to pursue that with desire, to pursue that with consistency, to pursue that with heart and to start looking at our pain as our saving grace.

So I encourage you today…whatever situation are you going through, whatever thing is painful for you…

Ask yourself how can you become more aware and identify what can you learn from the situation. How can you be the alchemist and transform that pain into light, turn the pain into Grace?

I hope you enjoy this blog let me know in the comments below…

Love, Peace and Success




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