How May I Serve You?

May 29, 2014
May 29, 2014 Kenneth

How May I Serve You?

I have recently written that question on a flash card and placed it next to my computer monitor, so as soon as I go to my desk and logon in the morning this is what I see first.

And I ask that question.  

Who do I ask the question to?  

Personally I ask it to God and the Universe.  You can ask whoever you wish depending on your beliefs. You may choose God, Universe, Father, Angels, Guides, Mother Earth, Spirit, whatever.

The most important aspect is that you ask that question.


Because it takes our attention off ourselves and our own “issues” and places our attention into a space of service.  Into a space of helping others, doing our little bit to make this world a little bit better.  Serving and helping others. Giving.

This will change your mood and vibration pretty quickly and make you feel good.  The benefits are immense and many.  For example, this will help your self esteem and your own self image.

You may be asking yourself, “what the heck am I doing here?”  “What is my purpose?”  “I have no particular skill set or money” etc. But really you do.  You can be of service to others, help others and create a ripple effect of goodness.

It will make you feel empowered and you will begin to believe that you are a critical part of this massive infinite universe.  Your little bit of energy that you are giving is allowing the Universe / God to express itself through YOU!

Take it a step further and include this spiritual practice into your actual day job.  Ask your customers / clients that question in your head and your approach to them will change.  This is a great way to start merging the separateness of your “job” with your spiritual growth and practice.

How may I serve You?

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are! – Eckhart Tolle




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