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Life Coaching Connecticut

Don’t Hate on Mondays

Don’t hate on Mondays! For so many years I dreaded Monday’s. I dreaded and couldn’t stand going to work. I wished, prayed and dreamt of not having to go to the office and all I wanted was a life of Freedom. The problem was I didn’t know how to get out of my type of […]
Personal Growth I AM

Personal Growth and I AM

I AM. Two of the most powerful words you can say. Why? Because you are essentially affirming what you are with the words that follow the I AM. So what are you choosing to say? I AM…so lazy, so fat, so scared, so tired, so fed up, so depressed, so unworthy, so lonely, I AM […]

This is Your Life

Too many of us live our lives based on the opinions, expectations and ideas of others.  These are normally well meaning experts, such as family, friends, peers, people in places of authority etc. From the time we are infants, we are bombarded with other peoples ideas of about how the world works and how everything […]

YOUR Divine Purpose

“We are all here on this earth to fulfill our own PURPOSE. Don’t try sway others from fulfilling THEIR purpose and, Don’t let anyone try sabotage you from pursuing your OWN life’s purpose” – Kenneth Todd

Make a Commitment

“Make a commitment to yourself that you will move forward into growth every single day. You will not be governed by Fear, but rather you will move forward boldly in Love and personal growth. Just do the Best You Can.” – Kenneth Todd

Be The Superman

I love this photo which is taken by Nacho Doce of Reuters.  This is a fantastic reflection of the Human Spirit.  Such a beautiful and awesome moment!

How May I Serve You?

How May I Serve You? I have recently written that question on a flash card and placed it next to my computer monitor, so as soon as I go to my desk and logon in the morning this is what I see first. And I ask that question.   Who do I ask the question […]