An Unconventional Approach to Discovering Your Life Purpose

November 27, 2015
November 27, 2015 Kenneth

When you feel unmotivated, aimless, unsure of yourself, and lacking passion, discovering your life purpose seems very difficult to do. But still, you want to find a reason for living right, so you keep searching for that one thing that could make your life meaningful. Something that will get you out of bed in the morning!

I have spoken, written and taught many times the way to find your Life Purpose.

Well, here, I am not going to give you a certain formula or a list of steps that you should follow in order for you to find your life’s purpose. What I’m going to tell you instead is a one-step method for looking for purpose in life.

Discovering Your Life Purpose in One Step

In order to find your purpose in life, all you need to do is learn to get out of your personal bubble.

So, what is your personal bubble?

It is the small world you live in. In your personal bubble, all you care about is your wellbeing, your reputation, how you will be successful, and how you can find personal pleasure. It is Ego driven. 

When you hear someone saying that you look fat, you get hurt, but it is only because you are in your personal bubble. You feel the pain and the embarrassment of the statement because you believe that it’s about you. You find yourself so affected because in your personal bubble, you care so much about everything that affects you.

Your personal bubble is made up of your beliefs.  beliefs are habits or Paradigms that keep us stuck.  When we are driven by our Ego and our limited beliefs, our true self cannot reveal itself.  We will remain trapped in the world of Ego and mind and off purpose.

Why do you need to get out of your bubble?

The moment you get out of your bubble, you will be less self-centered, and this is when you will start to see the beauty of other people and your surroundings. This may seem harsh and insulting that I call you self centered, but I don’t intend that.  We are ALL like that in one way or another. When you stop focusing on yourself too much, you start to have a much wider view. Then everything will start to change. You learn to let go of your fear, you get better at just being.  You start to appreciate yourself and accept others as they are.  You start to uncover your true self and allowing your imagination to come to the fore.  That imagination is your creative self.  You will start focusing on what you want and working on goal setting planning, you stop procrastinating, and you eventually find things that really matter.

Will this help you discover your life purpose?

When you get out of your bubble, you will find yourself being able to recognize the needs of other people. You may even feel for their suffering. You will then aim to lessen their suffering and help make their lives better. Your focus naturally shifts. 

As you do your daily tasks, you will be able to tie your actions to a greater purpose, which is to affect other people in a positive way. Knowing that you are making a difference in someone else’s life will be your endless source of motivation. What’s important also is that you become bigger than yourself, because this is when you will start discovering your life purpose.

It’s a beautiful thing and worth discovering.



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