7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

December 19, 2017
December 19, 2017 Kenneth

7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

How would you like to have more confidence in your life?  How would it feel to wake up feeling good about yourself, about life and confident in the day ahead?  Pretty cool right?  Well in this blog post I share with you 7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence…starting today!

#1 Release Negative People From Your Life

The quickest way to crush your own self confidence and feeling negative about yourself is to hang around negative people who are continuously pulling you down.  You need to take a good honest look at your circle of friends and even your family.  Are they pulling you down, being negative, chipping away at your confidence and everything that you do?

Then it’s time to say goodbye and find yourself friends who will empower you, people who will love and support you and lift you up.

#2 Take Little Risks Every Single Day

Step out of your comfort zone as often as possible.  Every time you take on “little” challenges you start to build momentum and will want more.  When we stay safe and within our comfort zone, then we cannot grow.  So we have to start embracing that discomfort as often as possible.

Look for little ways, that you can challenge yourself every single day to start building momentum.  That momentum will begin to create new powerful neural pathways that will increase your self belief and confidence.  It starts to feed itself and you become a greater version of yourself over time.

Every day in every walk of life we have opportunities to step out of comfort…become aware of these opportunities and “dive” in.

#3 Confront Your Fears Head On

The only way through fear is by going through it.  Think about how fear holds us back, keeps us stuck and feeling unworthy.  It stops you from applying for the dream job, approaching your ideal partner, moving to a new city, state or country, leaving a job you cannot stand, walking away from abusive relationships or doing things we would love to do…

It’s time to stop FEAR in it’s tracks so we don’t live a life of regret.

F.E.A.R = False. Evidence, Appearing. Real.

fear…CRUSH IT!

#4 Positive Affirmations

Start incorporating positive affirmations (statements) into your daily life.  See yourself becoming what you wish you were. State the affirmative, over and over, in the present tense as if it has already happened.

The sub-conscious part of your brain, does not know what is real or what is imagined.  Repetitive positive affirmations, coupled with powerful positive emotions create new and powerful neural habits that will serve you well.

Say then over and over until they become a strong and empowering belief within you.

#5 Knowledge and Study

Confidence comes from knowledge.  The more we know, the more we can apply in our lives.  If something is troubling you, study about it.  Become a wealth of knowledge on that subject so you can break down any false narratives you may have about it.

Become obsessed with how to improve your life, personal growth and development.  Gain more and more knowledge on how your brain and mind works and how you can become a powerful co-creator in your life.

Increase your knowledge and you’ll increase your confidence.

#6 Track All Of Your “Little” Wins

Make a note of all your wins for the day…no matter how small they are.  We we have little victories and we acknowledge them, our brain releases a stream of “feel good” chemicals that make us feel empowered, confident and damn good…

You know when you have a to-do list and tick stuff off, how good it feels?  That is what you want.  Increase your confidence by acknowledging every little win you have.  You got the kids off to school, you made it to work, you worked out, you said your positive affirmations, you purchased that person a cup of coffee, you greeted someone with a warm smile and compliment, you paid a bill…not matter how small.

Acknowledge it and keep patting yourself on the back.  Those “little” wins will add up to massive change and increases in confidence.

#7 It’s Time To DeClutter

Bringing order to your life, will bring order to your mind, which decreases feelings of overwhelm, stress and self doubt.  So look around and tackle an area that needs to be de-cluttered.  Is it your desk, your garage, your car, your handbag, your office, your bedroom…what?

Get onto it right now.  Take 15 minutes and go make some progress. You’ll feel good and your whole energy will shift.  You will start to feel good and your confidence will go.

So there you have it…7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence that you can incorporate into your life every single day.

Work on these and let me know how you feel.  I would love your feedback in the comments below…

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