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December 11, 2015
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December 11, 2015 Kenneth

When you’re depressed, it seems like nobody, no thing and not even the most powerful positive thinking phrases can change a thing.  In fact nothing makes sense,  It is just emptiness.

Low self-esteem, lack of energy, and diminishing happiness are just some of the symptoms of depression. If you are going through the same struggle, you should know that depression is a common condition, which is also highly treatable. There’s no reason for you to feel desperate and hopeless. You certainly can live a life filled with hope, positive thinking and happiness.

It is important that you seek professional help, to help discover the cause of the depression.  However while doing that I have put together a few steps to assist you with your hollistic return to a positive, fulfilling and happy life.

I suggest that you follow these steps for conquering your depression:

Step 1 – Recognize your self-destructive thoughts.

We all have the, but when you’re depressed, you’re likely to believe that you’re the worst person in the world. Many people just don’t realize that this negative point of view is coming from an enemy hidden within themselves. Thus, it’s vital that you identify your critical inner voice and conquer it.

Stop listening to your inner voice every time it tells you not to reach for your goals, to forego opportunities to enjoy, or to isolate yourself. Become aware of those negative destructive thought patterns.  They are just thoughts and are not true.  As soon as you attach to a thought you give it energy.  So just monitor your thoughts and refuse to attach to them.

Step 2 – Make an effort to stay active.

People who suffer from depression experience a drastic drop in their energy levels. When you’re feeling down, you have to make sure you get up and do something. Doing exercise can help release endorphins, which can help lift your mood. You may also go for a walk, or even play with your kids as these can help improve the way you feel.  Even if you don’t feel like it.

Step 3 – Do not isolate yourself.

When you’re depressed, you might hear your inner voice telling you to keep quiet, be alone, and not bother other people with your own problems. It’s important that you not listen to them. When you feel bad, it would help if you could tell someone about it. They may not actually help you resolve your issues, but just being able to voice out your worries will help you feel lighter and better.

Go help someone else in need.  That will take your focus off of you and onto helping others.  That can be a very rewarding action, that will lift your spirits.

Step 4 – Force yourself to do what you enjoy doing.

When you’re depressed, it’s the best time for you to force yourself to do something you like doing. If you enjoy painting, then start to paint. If you love watching old movies, then grab your favorite DVD and watch a movie. Doing activities that make you relax and raise your spirits are very important in dealing with depression.

Step 5 – Get support

A very effective way of overcoming your depression is talking and building a support system. One thing you have to understand also is that you don’t have to be ashamed of what you’re going through. I went through the same thing during my illness.  As the owner of Kenneth Todd coaching I work with people as part of their support systems, along with their Doctors, therapists and healing practitioners to help them make positive changes in their life.  

It will be very helpful for you as you try to rediscover the beauty of life and return to a life of  positive thinking and happiness.





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