11 Simple Steps to Break Free of Feeling Stuck in Life and Begin to Live a life of Purpose

In todays' post I wanted to talk about a very common condition...And I use the word condition because I mean it.  Billions of people just feel stuck in this life.  They just go through the motions each day -- driving to a job they cannot stand, remaining in unfulfilling and unloving relationships, stay stuck in debt, don't know their life purpose or don't know how to get started or make change.

This is really sad and I know...I was the same way.  Working in a high paying job on Wall Street.  I should have been happy and content, because that is what society told me was success.  The reality was that I couldn't stand it.  I dreaded every mornings drive to work, the thought of the weekend ending was sickening for me.  I wanted freedom, I wanted to be free of this negative environment.

My boss wasn't inspiring, I didn't really want to hang out with the majority of people I spent all my time with at work...and I was tired of my pay check being determined by someone else's perception of my value.  Surely there was more to life than this...But what would I do?  How could I replicate this income?  Where could I get a capital injection to start my own company? Who would pay the bills?  I worked so hard for this...what if I fail?

These are just some of the questions I had to deal with and I know I am not alone.

Well I never took action because I was too filled with fear...and then it was forced upon me.  I got sick with Lyme Disease and my hand was forced.  I don;t recommend waiting for things to get really bad before you take action.  You can do this on YOUR terms and make change starting today...

And I want to help you with that change...That is what this blog post is all about.  Breaking it down for you to make it super simple for you to start making that change.  I even have a short video for you to watch too.

So here we go...
Step 1: VISION:

You need to create a crystal clear VISION of your life, so you know exactly WHERE you are going.

Without a clear vision you are going to wandering around aimlessly, feeling stuck and no direction or destination in mind.
Step 2: PURPOSE:

This is your LIFE PURPOSE and will be your WHY in life. Discover your LIFE PURPOSE and when you do, have the courage to align yourself with that PURPOSE.

Our purpose in life is to discover our life purpose and align ourselves with that purpose. When we do we will start to feel fulfilled, content and excited about life.
Step 3: GOALS:
Having GOALS in life is essentially the same as having GPS co-ordinates and will give you direction so you don't get distracted and you can stay focused.

The reason why most people fail with their goals is that they are not creating their goals from their vision and purpose first...They just make up random goals and then wonder why they don't succeed.

It Is because the pull factor is not strong enough.
Step 4: MIND:
Your MIND is everything. You have to use your creative free will which is your conscious MIND. This is where creation starts and will help you create healthy and empowering new habits.

The mind requires a lot more discussion and I have separate training for that which I will share with you shortly.

What you should know is that your mind has 2 parts - The Conscious Mind and the Sub-conscious Mind. The conscious mind is your free will and that is where all your creation starts. This is the first place to start when making change.

Consistent conscious thoughts filter through into our habitual mind which is the sub-conscious mind and create belief systems. These belief systems govern our entire life experience.

Change your thoughts - change your life.
Step 5: DESIRE: You have feed that hunger...feed that DESIRE. this doesn't just come naturally to most people. This is the fuel to the fire within you.

What are you doing to feed your desire every day? Immerse yourself in positive thinking, focus on what you want and your goals.

Let that be your priority each moment, so you keep adding more and more fuel to the fire that is within you.

Your goal is to change that spark into a raging fire...
Step 6: INTENTION: This is the creative life force that turns acorns into ask trees, creates planets and stars. Align yourself with that energy and tap into that infinite life wisdom.

Think about this for a second. There is this life force...this intelligence that is continuously expanding. It is energy and it makes up the entire universe. We are not separate from the universe and we are an integral part of it.

This force has an intention of creating of growing and expanding and it is within you. It is what makes you up. This is the same intelligence that turned you from a blend of egg and sperm into this living being you are today.

It created your organs, beats your heart grows your fingernails and is knocking with you to align with you purpose. Align with it!
Place your ATTENTION firmly on that which you want.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

What you place your ATTENTION on...GROWS! When we have our Vision, Goals and are on the oath to discovering or living our purpose...that is where our energy and focus should go.

This is the key to making change in your life. CONSISTENCY in all of these steps will create positive habits and amount to massive growth.

You know every single one of the 7 figure earners I have worked with over the years have a number of things in common and one of them is CONSISTENCY.

CONSISTENCY create momentum, it creates success habits and it creates change. Be consistent with your actions, thoughts and intentions.
The opposite of KNOWLEDGE is ignorance.

When we don't have KNOWLEDGE we become filled with doubt, worry, uncertainty and fear.

Work on gaining KNOWLEDGE about life and your mind every day.
Step 10: VIBRATION: We are all made up of energy and energy vibrates. The way we feel = our VIBRATION. The way we feel determines our actions and therefore our results.

Focus on VIBRATION. You can always know what you are attracting into your life, by going by the way you feel. If you feel discomfort, fear, worry, doubt, anxiety and other negative emotions...guess what you're going to create more of?

If you want to manifest abundance, make positive change and create new positive outcomes in your life, always aim for a positive feeling within you.

The beautiful thing is, that we control our thoughts and we can change our thought and therefore the way we feel in an instant.
Step 11: RECEIVE: If you have watched the below video...Did you notice this one didn't publish? LOL pretty crazy hey?

Once you do all this work, you need to open yourself up to RECEIVE all the goodness in life. Allow it to flow in and stop trying to control everything.

When we try to control everything and force outcomes we are not only in a negative vibration, but we also don't allow all the good that we set our intention to receive...to start coming in.

So create the Intention, nurture your desire, place your attention, take massive action and then take a step back and allow yourself to receive...
I hope you have found this post useful.

So often people, when not getting the results they want in life default to...work harder and harder, go into panic mode and freak out. That will not help in any way. We need to change that to become aware of the way we feel, monitor our thoughts and make change as outlined above.

I have also got a video for you which you can watch below...

Love and Peace
PS: Here is the video below for you to watch...

Here is a video on the same topic that I created for you...

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